Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Come on in!

Hey, everyone - welcome to our blog! We're pretty excited that you're here right now! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's do introductions. Our names are Alissa and Becky . . .

You may remember us from here. That was our first project together and we loved it. So much so that we couldn't wait to get started on a new joint project!

We both just graduated from Bowling Green State University with our bachelor of science degrees in journalism (sounds pretty fancy doesn't it?), and now we're looking to take on the real world. For Alissa, that means working as a PR intern and trying to keep her cat Buttons from eating everything in sight. And for Becky, that means conquering the world of sports reporting one football game at a time and enjoying her new home in Ohio's Amish Country.

So while we're busy being cat parents and ace reporters, we also wanted to have a creative outlet where we could share some of the things we love. Namely, our love for design, food, music and style. And so Ohio is 4 Lovers was born. This is the place where we hope to share with each other and all of you the things that are inspiring us. We'll be posting daily on one of the four topics and hopefully our posts can inspire you too.

It's taken us a couple months of planning and we're still growing and figuring things out as we go. The great thing about that is we're constantly learning new things and we can't wait for you all to be a part of that learning process. So use the comments section, please, we beg you. We wouldn't have included it with each post if we didn't want your feedback. Let us know what you love or don't love about the blog and let us know what you love that we haven't put on the blog! Also, while you're already here feel free to share us with your friends and family (we think they'll like us too). Tweet us, follow us, Facebook us, email us - pick your poison, but spread the love.

We're so excited, you guys and we hope you are too!

Alissa & Becky