Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frozen burritos, take two

I'm all about quick, easy lunches that don't require a lot of early morning prep on my end so I've been trying to track down some Evol burritos ever since Becky posted about them. And after a long afternoon spent driving around looking for the Acme Evol mislabled on their map, I found out the Acme they really meant doesn't have any. However, I may have discovered a couple alternatives you might find helpful.

Since moving to New York City, my friend Michelle has done a lot of her grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and she said she definitely recommends the Trader Joe's frozen burritos. Road trip to Cleveland with me, anyone?

A coworker has been bringing Amy's frozen burritos to work for lunch lately, and every day I wish I had one too. They're vegetarian-friendly and feature a lot of organic ingredients so major plus on the healthy side. Plus, you can get them at Giant Eagle or most grocery stores so they shouldn't be too hard to find.

Here's to quick, easy and delicious lunches . . .

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