Saturday, December 8, 2012

TGIF: Send a little love

Who doesn't love mail? Letters from friends overseas, surprise gifts from your sister and back in college, cookies from your aunt - getting mail that isn't junk or bills is always exciting. If you're looking to send someone a nice surprise through the postal service, or if you have someone on your gift list who loves to send mail then you need to check out my friend Kelly's Etsy shop, sendcuriosity.

set of five dark red fashion envelopes
Dark red fashion envelopes ($1.50 for a set of 5)

set of five chipotle bag envelopes
Chipotle bag envelopes ($1.50 for a set of 5)

set of five map envelopes
Map envelopes ($1.00 for a set of 5)

Kelly makes her envelopes with recycled papers, which I love (I mean, how awesome are those Chipotle ones?). She has a variety of envelopes available, so be sure to visit her shop and check them all out. I think these are the perfect way to make mail even more fun to send and receive. I can't wait to place my order soon!

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