Monday, January 14, 2013

Missing Gossip Girl?

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! It was definitely a struggle getting back to the swing of things after my holiday break, and I was especially sad that I didn't have "Gossip Girl" to look forward to on Monday nights. I feel like I may not be alone in that sentiment, so here are a couple fun (and somewhat silly) things I've found recently to help curb your "Gossip Girl" cravings . . .

what would blair waldorf do 6 pencils in royal blue
What Would Blair Waldorf Do? pencil set ($8 for 6, from thecarboncrusader)

Free Day with Dorota
This "What Would Blair Waldorf Wear?" collection of outfits on Polyvore

Chuck Bass shopping bag - Ed westwick - Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf - I love you white cotton grocery tote - bad boy
This Chuck Bass shopping tote ($14.40, from invisiblecrown)


  1. I just found my Chuck Bass-bag on your blog. Thanks for the feature, gonna have another look at the rest of your blog now :-)

    1. Thanks, Marieken! Your bag is definitely on my wish list :) I love it!