Monday, August 20, 2012

So sweet to be back

Hey, guys! It feels good to be back, and don't worry we didn't entirely forget about the blog during our break. I baked with my aunts a couple times during my break and I've been dying to share what we made ...

Homemade fried pies! You know those Hostess pies that come in a few different flavors? Right, just like that - except a million times better. And trust me when I tell you they're fairly easy and a lot of fun to make.

You can fill them with whatever you want - the whole time we were baking we came up with a dozen more combinations. For our first try we made cherry, peach and apple. You can make your own filling if you want, my aunt made the cherry filling and the other two were canned pie fillings.

 You can also make them whatever size you want - we made a couple different sizes to see what worked best. And as far as the pie crust is concerned, you can also choose what you want to do with that. We made most of ours from Pillsbury pie crusts but we also did a batch using Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

Toppings are another thing you can have your pick on. Some of ours we dusted with powder sugar and others with cinnamon sugar but a lot of them we glazed (that was definitely our favorite).

So since this recipe is so customize-able, here's one recipe you can start with as your base from Paula Deen.  Enjoy!

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