Monday, August 27, 2012

The elusive Cotton Candy Grapes

I thought I'd open this week's posts with the biggest food mystery of my summer. I read about this new breed of grape that tastes just like cotton candy. I love cotton candy and all cotton candy flavored things. So these grapes are my dream, something healthy that tastes like something so unhealthy. The issue is they don't sell them here in the O-H-I-O and I can't find them online!
It's upsetting and I will keep you updated on finding them but for now I hope the sheer prospect of the fruit of my dreams gets you excited.

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  1. Hi Becky,
    I'm the farmer in California. Cotton Candy is a brand new variety, so the volume is still VERY small. We planted our first commercial vineyard last year, but it takes two years to produce, so hopefully next year (August 2013) it will be easier to find. Thanks for your patience!