Monday, October 1, 2012

Cross body

When I switched to a cross-body bag, it was hard to go back. Luckily, when I went looking for a new purse the cross-body selection did not disappoint and I'm in love with the bag I bought from Kohl's.

Relic Erica cross-body, $32.40 at Kohl's

It's the perfect size and shape, it has a ton of room and lots of pockets which I love (that's also bad because I constantly misplace things, but still who doesn't love pockets?). Even though it has a lot of space, it's so sleek that it hides how much it can hold. Not to mention the burnt orange color I went with - perfect for fall and made with such soft (faux) leather. Honestly, this is an all-around winning choice if you're looking for a cross-body bag. Plus, it comes in a lot of other colors (my mom has the chocolate brown one and it's gorgeous too) so be sure to check them out at Kohl's.

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