Friday, February 15, 2013

TGIF: Starbucks addict?

I drank my fair share of Starbucks in college - the combination of having it on campus and on the meal plan was too good to be true. Post-college, I go every once and a while, but I may be going a little more often now that I purchased a re-usable Starbucks cup.

They look just like the typical Starbucks cup, but made from plastic. These re-usable tumblers only cost $1, and each time you bring it in after that you get 10 cents off on whatever drink you're purchasing. And don't think it's just for straight coffee, you can get whatever type of beverage you want in the tumbler. Plus, they will clean it for you each time you bring it in. Really just a winning situation, so if you frequent Starbucks be sure to ask your barista about it the next time you're in.

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