Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekly tune-up

Music I'm loving right now . . . Phantogram

Listen to while . . . keeping warm on the couch on a rainy day.

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I forget how much I like this band until I hear one of their songs. And then they're all I want to listen to.

The duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter create such wonderfully mellow music - it's beautiful and it will calm you down in an instant. I love "Mouthful of Diamonds" off their only album, "Eyelid Movies," which came out last year.

Phantogram is releasing a mini LP on Nov. 1 titled "Nightlife" and after listening to the single "Don't Move," I can't wait to see what the other tracks have in store. And now you can listen to the full EP stream on their Facebook page.

p.s. Phantogram is playing in Columbus tomorrow night, if you happen to fall in love and feel like a trip to the center of the state.

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