Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly tune-up

Music I'm loving right now . . .  Audio, Video, Disco by Justice

Listen to while . . . dancing. Anywhere and everywhere.

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I still regret the decision my friends and I made a couple years ago to stay in Akron for New Year's Eve when Justice was playing a show in Chicago. Their catchy, upbeat dance beats probably make for one awesome concert and they definitely make for one heck of a sophomore album.

The French electronic duo hit the music scene with their first album, Cross, in 2007 and quickly caught people's attention. The album was nominated for a Grammy for best electronic/dance album and their remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel" did win them a Grammy in 2009 for best remixed recording. This long-awaited second album keeps the goodness flowing.

If you're looking to have a feel-good dance party (and let's be real, who isn't), look no further. Justice delivers another successful LP with great tracks like "Civilization," "Horsepower" and "Helix."  Plus there's a song on there named "Ohio" - what's not to like?

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