Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peep peep

I know some of you may be trying to not think about Easter candy ever again after consuming multiple baskets of candy within 48 hours. I feel your pain. But we all know the best time to buy Easter candy is after Easter - it's half off! So if you're already thinking ahead (that may be too far ahead) or you just can't get enough of Easter candy (that'd be me), here's one of my new favorites I found in my Easter basket on Sunday . . .

I can't stop eating these Peepsters! They're little (so you feel better about eating a dozen at a time) chocolates filled with marshmallow-flavored creme - not the chocolate-covered peeps my parents, er the Easter bunny, were expecting but I can't get enough. So if you happen to be in the candy aisle at the grocery store and see these marked down, I'd grab a bag . . . or three.

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