Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hitch or Ditch? Hair Feathers

Welcome to OH is 4 Lovers first “Hitch or Ditch” post debating the trends, fads and the overall caliber of some of the items we want to love but aren’t sure it’s for real.
For those of you unfamiliar with the game Hitch or Ditch, here a little break down:
Hitch or Ditch is taking an attribute and whether that attribute would impact your decision to hitch someone ( or in this case something).
This is a shallow game that is only fun if you play it shallowly. Let go, have fun!
My personal favorites of Hitch or Ditch (for people):
- Absolutely loves guns?
-Hooks for hands?
-Won’t step on the cracks (on the side walk)?

A recent Hitch or Ditch was “Has a feather in their hair?” I have a great deal of coworkers who hate all things “hipster.”
But would feathers be a bad choice?

It’s my own personal battle to put a feather in my hair like my deep desire to have tattoo of the state of Ohio. My own crazy blinds me sometime.
Alissa has one but she looks adorable in everything, so that’s no help to me.
What do you think?
To feather or not to feather?
Hitch or Ditch?

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