Friday, September 7, 2012

TGIF: Hair must-have

I hate blow drying my hair and I avoid it as often as possible. Mostly because my hair is so thick that no matter what length it is, blow drying it is always a fairly large time commitment. Not anymore, thanks to this little guy.

This is the Goody Quik Style paddle brush and I can't be without it now (thanks, Mom!). In between the normal brush bristles are microfiber bristles - those blue ones - and they are like little towels for your hair they're so absorbent. The packaging said it removes 30% of the water from your hair, even if you're just brushing it and not using the hair dryer. 

I reach for this brush every time I get out of the shower and every time I pick up my hair dryer. It makes my hair dry a lot quicker when it's just air drying and it dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes for me to blow dry my hair too.

I highly recommend you pick yourself up one as soon as you can - Target sells them for $11.99 and I'm sure you can find them at any drugstore. I promise it will become a daily fixture in your hair routine.

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