Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What should I wear today?

Here we go! Today marks the first post of my exploration of the world of business casual. I seem to have some issues following the rules of semi-professinal wear. Sometimes I end up wearing plaids and and TOMS.

So these are the choices ...
Some things to keep in mind. Today is suppose to be 42 degrees here in the OH.
Also the teams I'm covering tonight wear red and gray and black and gold so, those combinations should be avoided. The following are some options I chose on a whim

Option #1: my peach eyelet dress with turquoise sweater.

Option #2: my blue textured dress with gold sweater.

Option #3: Shirt dress with my favorite scarf.

I think my main issue may be that I dress like a 14 year-old girl but who really knows.
Here's what I went with, I put my gray slouch books with it.
(Sorry, I cut off my head, I'm still getting use to the iphone camera)

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